Sandi's store has a collection of cards where you can take your time, browse through, and make your purchase on line. Sandi has made a special donation to a galgo association and its clear that the galgos have reached into her heart, as they have all of ours who work to protect them.

Its a great thing to say since it shows that by the power of internet just by passing an email, you may not beable to help, but the person you are sending it to just may beable to!

Sandi has a special set up going on with the sales of her cards which is GREAT, when you order from Sandi, if you place (Galgos) by your name, 50cents from your purchase will go towards helping the associations of galgos!!!!!!!! A wonderful gift to the associations trying to do their all for the galgos of Spain. Letting the assoc. know that there are people who care.

Right now is just the start of the rescues, and the assoc. are full already. Rescues are hard, galgos have been living on the streets - some for a year, some for more, some recently arrived to street life and finding it hard having been dumped, hard to adjust to despite the probable abuse and hunger they have experianced in the hands of their hunter owner. That will have been all they will have known. Street life is tough, for here Galgos = vermin. Town folk dont want strays hanging around, so shooing them away is the answer in their eyes, abuse continues. The most serene of pets, man's best friend, let down by man!

Rescues, operations, curing, healing, and fostering a galgo don't come cheap, rescues come in all types, hung, rat eaten, injected with poisons, injured paws, the list goes on. Every single cent helps. But NO galgo is turned away!!! So come on everyone, when you want to buy cards check out Sandi's webpage, and its a fantastic way to help the galgos.
Texto: Charlotte del Rio

Thank you very much Sandi to help our galgos!

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